We are a community of blockchain enthusiasts looking to create a supportive ecosystem for those interested in the emergence of Blockchains and its impact upon our society.

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  • Active Crypto Users from all aspects of life manage and grow the Indiabits Platform. We are a stepping stone for basic and advanced knowledge and active economoy growth. We envison a future where India can lead the Revolution by gaining Adoption and Innovating.

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  • Join in conversation with other traders and uncover new trading ideas.Participate in discussions, technical analysis, building strategies, money management and more.

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  • Direct access to actual users Mining Various CryptoCurrencies in India. who are ready to provide first hand guidance to the Community.


Tip Real CryptoCurrencies to other users

  • Tipbot is a bot/service that allows users to send and receive Bitcoin directly without using any wallet in the form of 'tips'.

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Indian CryptoCurrencies Telegram Bot

  • Fetch Indian/USD Exchanges Rates, Calc Premium with International market,Topup Mobile and more.

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  • We Relay all Important updates and information about the Indian and International Crypto Space in a separate channel so always keep yourself updated.