Welcome to IndiaBits Crypto Community . We are a community of blockchain enthusiasts looking to create a supportive ecosystem for those interested in the emergence of Blockchains and its impact upon our society.


Community Driven

Active Crypto Users from all aspects of life manage and grow the Indiabits Platform. We are a stepping stone for basic and advanced knowledge and active economoy growth. We envison a future where India can lead the Revolution by gaining Adoption and Innovating.

IndiaBits Bot

Fetch Indian/USD Exchanges Rates, Calc Premium with International market,Topup Mobile and more.

Feed Channel

We Relay all Important updates and information about the Indian and International Crypto Space in a separate channel so always keep yourself updated.

Trading Ideas

Join in conversation with other traders and uncover new trading ideas.Participate in discussions, technical analysis, building strategies, money management and more.


Tipbot is a bot/service that allows users to send and receive Dogecoins directly without using any wallet in the form of 'tips'.


For those interested in keeping track of various virtual currencies prices, get a real time view of the latest crypto currency market cap and trading data.

Mining Info

Direct access to actual users Mining Various CryptoCurrencies in India. who are ready to provide first hand guidance to the Community.


We are Working on some interesting stuff behind the scenes